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Ever since 1993, our flooring installation and flooring refinishing company has been the pinnacle of professionalism, honesty, perfection, and precision. In our line of work, concentration and expertise are crucially important in order to deliver long-lasting results. Your carpets, vinyl or hardwood floors don’t just add to the appearance of your home, office, hotel, shop or beauty salon. They add to their value and durability as well.

Led by our desire to make flooring the cornerstone feature of any home and workplace we work on, we transformed Floor Online into a symbol of care and professionalism. As our residential and commercial flooring services began gaining increased attention, and the demand for our installations and refinishing spiked, we decided to serve a wider region. What would “wider” include? You will find the answer below:

Our service area is the North Bay counties Marin, Napa, Sonoma and San Francisco county.

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Simply call our 24 hour emergecny number.

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